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Train from milan to madrid

If you reside in the italian city of milan or any other point for european or out of europe continent, do not miss the opportunity to meet madrid, capital of spain, which definitely will you take the best memories, visit madrid and do it by train because the train is a great option for traveling […]


Express train from valencia to madrid

Want to spend a weekend in a different location ? o enjoy a beach day in madrid can not ?, treat yourself and travel by train, the express train from valencia to madrid is cheap enough so that you can have the pleasure of enjoying something special, stop beating around and buy your ticket and […]


Train travel from algeciras to madrid

If you want to travel from Algeciras to Madrid Renfe and rail travel with Altaria. You can fly economy class or preferential, but both find great comfort . Visit our website and find the best deals on train travel from algeciras to madrid . If you’re in business class notice the spaciousness, comfort and lightness […]